Epistemology and Reasons

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Epistemology - Knowledge

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Frege-Geach Problem

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General Metaethics

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History of Ethics

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Hybrid Expressivism

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Instrumental Rationality

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Language, other

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Metaphysics of Reasons

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Getting Perspective on Objective Reasons.’  Forthcoming in Ethics.  Posted September 2017.

Moral Epistemology

How Does the Good Appear to Us?’  Social Theory and Practice, 34(1): 119-130, January 2008. 

Desiring Under the Proper Guise.’  With Michael Milona.  Provisionally forthcoming in Oxford Studies in Metaethics.  Posted September 2017. 

Moral Metaphysics

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Moral Semantics

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Pragmatic Encroachment

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The Epistemic Consequences of Forced Choice.’  Short response piece.  Posted September 2014.

Persons, Selves, Relationships

'How Beliefs Wrong.'  Forthcoming in Philosophical Topics.

'Persons as Things.'  Provisionally forthcoming in Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics.

Reasons, Weight

Weighting for a Plausible Humean Theory of Reasons.’  Noûs 41(1): 138-160, March 2007.

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Value Theory

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Wrong Kind of Reasons

Value and the Right Kind of Reasons.’  Oxford Studies in Metaethics 5: 25-55, August 2010.

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State-Given Reasons: Prevalent, if not Ubiquitous.’  Ethics 124(1): 128-140, October 2013.